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Catalog of X-ray Protection (eng) Catalog of X-ray Protection (ukr)

Association of Radiologists of Ukraine ( )


On-Site Generation (OSG) Technology for Beverage Industry Sanitation

In beverage bottling and canning plants, Clean-in-Place (CIP) is used to clean various product lines such as syrup and water lines for a variety of reasons including flavor carryover prevention and microbial control.

CIP also eliminates organic residues like precipitated proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and other contaminants that harbor bacteria and may lead to microbial induced corrosion (MIC).

Diagnosis – is a very responsible stage of medical assistance. Knowingly speak, that properly diagnosed makes 50 % from successful therapy. Only possessing the most the full information on the patient, history of his/her illness, applying different methods of inspection, the doctor is capable to recreate a full picture and to define tactics of treatment.

Qualitative medical diagnosis of the organism is the highroad to healthy life.

One of the wide-spread ways of diagnosis is radiodiagnostics. It includes computer and magnetic resonance tomography (CT, MRT), roentgenography and osteodentin cytometry, ultrasound study.

ONIKO if the official distributor of the AGFA (Belgium) firm in Ukraine.

X-ray equipment

Diagnostic X-ray system - plants that provide high image quality in studies of the chest, abdomen, limbs, etc.
Systems for Computer and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Digital radiography system for investigation of all organs and systems of the patient in standing, sitting and lying
High Performance Digitizer X-ray images to deal with any clinical problems

Expendable materials

ONIKO & Agfa X-ray film for general radiology, mammography and dental
Fluorographic film for examination of the chest
Chemical reagents for manual and automatic processing of X-ray films

X-ray Protection

ONIKO Personal Protective Equipment of children, patients, personnel for the X-ray diagnosis
ONIKO Personal Protective Equipment of personnel for surgery
ONIKO Collective Protective Equipment in X-ray rooms

Laboratory equipment

Processing machines for manual and automatic processing of X-ray films
ONIKO Negatoscopes for radiography, Non-actinic lamp, Lantern signal
X-ray and mammography cassettes, intensifying screens

Print and visualization systems

Agfa Desktop and compact medical printers for dry thermal printing
Agfa DRYSTAR Desktop imager to print mammography images

Image processing software

PACS Picture Archiving and Communication System
Agfa IMPAX is a web-deployable image and information management solution, which will help streamline workflow and deliver increased efficiency and productivity to your hospital institution

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